Sloan's Lake Drainageway and Tributaries
Major Drainageway Plan (MDP) and Flood Hazard Area Delineation (FHAD)

Project Summary:

Sloan's Lake near Sheridan Boulevard & 26th Avenue receives stormwater runoff from 2,250 acres within the municipalities of Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Edgewater and Denver.  In addition, the Rocky Mountain Ditch also supplies water to Sloan's Lake.  The outfall from Sloan's Lake discharges into the South Platte River south of Mile High Stadium.  The 176 acre lake serves a very important stormwater detention function that reduces peak flows downstream and improves water quality into the South Platte River.  According to previous studies, which will be restudied, the 100-year inflow is 2,904 cfs and releases it at only 34 cfs.  The lake provides significant detention of stormwater runoff by surcharging the normal lake level approximately 2 feet.  The normal pool lake storage volume is roughly 600 acre-feet but that may be diminished by sediment deposition within the lake over its 150 year life.

The overall Sloan's Lake watershed is approximately 4.8 square miles.  The urban floodplain associated with the major drainageway to be studied on the tributaries and outfall is estimated to be 3.84 miles in length, mainly along urban corridors where runoff exceeds pipe capacity.  The drainage system has generally functioned well in the past without major flood damage, except for localized areas.

The watershed was previously studied by the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District in 1977.  This MDP and FHAD study will update the hydrology with new rainfall data and utilize new hydrologic modeling software.  Hydraulics will be studied to understand the extent of flooding that is expected to occur in a 100-year storm.  The project goal is to identify stormwater management needs for the watershed.

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