Matrix Design Group, Inc. is a leader in providing planning, engineering, and environmental services to the federal government. Whether called upon to design a brand new facility or plan the reutilization of an existing one, Matrix has a clear understanding of the challenges faced by federal clients.

Matrix Design Group has extensive experience working with all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and other federal agencies. We strive to deliver system-wide solutions based on the interrelationships of mission, environment, and community. Our years of experience serving DOD clients help us identify and address present and future needs while strengthening community partnerships to improve the support, organization, equipment, training, and deployment of our service members.

At Matrix, we believe in developing sustainable solutions to assure military readiness beyond the preparation of basic policies and routine analysis. We understand our clients’ needs and provide a range of innovative alternatives to ensure that the U.S. Armed Forces have the resources they need to properly train for and execute their missions.

Federal Contract Vehicles

       Contract Mechanism Contract Number Scope
   Current Contracts
AFCEC AE-13 DCS FA8903-15-D-0011

AFCEC AE-13 ES FA8903-16-D-0057 AE, ENV

AFCEC Environmental Services GSA BPA ID07160008 AE, ENV

GSA Schedule
Matrix Environmental Services LLC

NAVFAC SE N69450-15-D-0131 Plan

NAVFAC SW N62473-17-D-4622 Plan

USACE Huntsville ERS MATOC W91ZLK-13-D-0003 ENV

USACE Huntsville WERS W912DY-10-D-0016

USACE Mobile AE W91278-17-R-0015 Plan, AE

USACE Mobile P4 W91278-15-D-0086 P4

USACE Omaha W9128F-16-R-0028 ENV

VA Environmental and
Historic Services IDIQ
VA101F-12_D-0023 ENV