As a Senior Vice President and the National Director of Transportation for Matrix Design Group, Sam brings extensive experience in transportation planning, design, construction and operations.  He is responsible for developing and leading the company’s Center of Excellence in Transportation.  Sam has a proven track record of executive leadership, effective problem solving skills and leading organizations of up to 2000 people in both the public and private sectors including serving as a State Engineer for the Arizona Department of Transportation and Chief Engineer for the Transportation Corridor Agencies in Orange County, CA.
As a registered Professional Engineer in several states (AZ, CA & NV), Sam has been a partnering champion, involved in high profile and complex projects, collaborating with multiple federal, state and local agencies on environmentally sensitive and geographically challenging transportation projects.  His experience includes the upgrading and widening of the US 93 Corridor near Kingman, AZ, the Hoover Dam Bypass Project, AZ, the completion of the SR 202 San Tan Freeway in Gilbert, AZ, the widening of I-10 through Tucson, AZ, the upgrading of SR 95 in Lake Havasu City, AZ, SR 24 Interim Evaluation, AZ, SR 241 in Orange County, CA and many other transportation projects across the western United Sates.

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