Matrix Design Group was the Utility Design Engineer for this City and County of Denver project.  Matrix completed the preliminary and final design to implement the master planned storm drain outfall for downtown Denver. The project integrated a 100-year capacity storm drain outfall for the new Justice Center with a five-year design capacity serving Denver’s urban core. 

The new storm system utilized an eight-foot by five-foot box culvert to Cherry Creek to collect runoff from nearly 400 acres of densely developed downtown area to improve the “level of service” of the City drainage infrastructure. This storm drain captures runoff from 283 acres that were previously tributary to the storm pipe in Grant Street and to the undersized outfall in 36th Street at the South Platte River. The main challenge on this project was working around the many utility conflicts and relocating some of the utilities that could not be avoided.  Extensive coordination with the City and utility providers was essential to the success of this project.