Matrix Design Group staff assisted the Eleventh Air Force through the 611th Air Support Group (611 ASG) to develop a long-range vision and comprehensive Infrastructure Rightsizing Initiative for the Alaska Radar System (ARS). The ARS is comprised of eighteen active radar sites dispersed over 590,000 square miles of Alaskan wilderness. Each of the sites is classified into one of three classes (Unmanned, Split Camp, or Composite), with the project designed to address the unique needs of each class.

The Infrastructure Rightsizing Initiative was designed to ensure viability of the ARS through 2025 by modernizing and rightsizing essential infrastructure while significantly reducing operations and maintenance costs.

The project consisted of the following key tasks:

  • Researching and documenting real estate associated with each ARS site
  • Updating real property records
  • Evaluating and inventorying on-site facilities
  • Analyzing space utilization of facilities
  • Identifying inefficient facilities for demolition
  • Establishing a modern and cost effective facility and system template
  • Updating facility and site requirements for each remote radar site
  • Creating a Customer Concept Design for new facilities designed to meet the current and future operational and logistical needs of the 611 ASG
  • Developing complete programming packages for advocacy and budget processes

Services Included: