Matrix was retained by the City of Colorado Springs Traffic Engineering Department to provide design services for the intersection of 8th with Ramona Avenue and Arcturus Drive.  It is currently operating as a intersection with a 50 foot offset, which requires the signal operation to be split phased, which consequently, takes green time away from the arterial, 8th Street.  Matrix was tasked with developing a concept and preliminary design that brings together the two side streets into a singe point, while minimizing impacts to adjacent properties.  The challenge was further heightened when it was discovered the one of the corner properties had environmental issues and it would be favorable for the roadway realignment to stay off of the property.  Matrix developed a number of alternatives, which met these challenges, and will move forward with design once the environmental documentation on the project is completed.  Matrix will prepare roadway design, signing, pavement marking, and traffic signal plans for the project.