Lafayette Area Major Drainageway Plan (MDP)

Project Summary:

The Lafayette Area drains an area of approximately 5.65 square miles to Coal Creek. The watershed boundaries are located between State Highway 42 and Waneka Lake on the west, between Arapahoe Road and Baseline Road on the north, and Coal Creek on the south and east. There are no major tributaries within this watershed, but a number of constructed drainageways, storm drains, and overland flow generally convey storm runoff from west to east.

This Lafayette Area watershed was last studied by the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District in 1980. However, the area was included in the broader Coal Creek and Rock Creek Major Drainageway Plan completed in 2014. More recent Outfall System Plans have also been completed for neighboring communities: the Lafayette-Louisville Boundary in 2011 and the Town of Erie in 2014.

This project will identify flood prone areas outside of the regulatory floodplain of the Lafayette Area using updated hydrology and current topographic mapping. The study will identify non-regulatory flood hazards and develop alternatives to reduce those risks. In addition, the project will look for opportunities to reduce street flooding, enhance aesthetics and recreation, and improve water quality.

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