A Technical Advisory Committee made up of the project sponsors and other stakeholders and agencies provided guidance during the study process.  The Technical Advisory Committee met regularly during the course of the project study.  Additional agencies and individuals were also involved during the planning process. Representatives who were directly involved with this study are listed below:

Name Representing Assignment
Jim Watt MHFD Project Manager - FHAD
Kurt Bauer MHFD Project Manager - Master Plan
Stacey Thompson MHFD Floodplain Manager
Jennifer Williams Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Sponsor
Suzanne Moore Greenwood Village Sponsor
Tiffany Clark SEMSWA Sponsor
Ashley Byerley SEMSWA Sponsor
Robert Krehbiel Matrix Design Group Principal
Drew Beck Matrix Design Group Project Manager
Ben Liu Matrix Design Group Project Engineer
Chris Martin Matrix Design Group GIS Manager

We need your input to develop the plan that best addresses community needs.  If you would like to share storm drainage problems that you have observed within the project area or any solutions to solve them, please contact us.  Also, if you would like to be invited to public meetings regarding this project, just let us know.

Please contact:

Robert Krehbiel, P.E.
Matrix Design Group, Inc.
707 17th Street, Suite 3150
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 572-0200

Or you may submit an online form:


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