Goldsmith Gulch Major Drainageway Plan (MDP) and Flood Hazard Area Delineation (FHAD)

Project Summary:

Goldsmith Gulch, a tributary to Cherry Creek, drains an area of approximately 5,000 acres from Arapahoe Road to the confluence with Cherry Creek near Monaco Boulevard.  The study will evaluate 7.6 miles of stream corridor, which is based upon 5.1 miles within Denver, 1.4 miles within Greenwood Village, and 1.1 miles within the SEMSWA District.  The two major tributaries to Goldsmith Gulch are the Southmoor Tributary, joining the mainstem in Hutchinson Park, and the Goldsmith West Gulch Tributary, joining the mainstem in Orchard Hills Park.  The watershed was last studied, in its entirety, by the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District in 1977, although the upper watershed was studied in 2005.

The waterway has generally functioned adequately in the recent past without major flood damage.  Many channel improvements have been completed along Goldsmith Gulch to reduce the potential of flood damage.  The channel has been stabilized and regional parks have been constructed in the floodplain.  Detention facilities have been constructed along the channel at Bible Park, Wallace Park, Rosamond Park, and Iliff & Monaco.  Channel slopes are generally mild with several newer drop structures along the reach.  The High Line Canal bisects Goldsmith Gulch at East Cornell Avenue.  Goldsmith Gulch passes underneath the High Line Canal and East Cornell Avenue through a concrete box culvert.  Upper Goldsmith Gulch includes the I-25 TREX storm and detention facilities that drain the I-225 and I-25 interchange to Goldsmith Gulch.

This project will remap the floodplain of Goldsmith Gulch using updated hydrology and current topographic mapping.  The study will identify flood hazards and develop alternatives to reduce those hazards.  In addition, the project will look for opportunities to enhance the waterway and improve water quality.

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