Project Area:

The Project Area is outlined in black on the map below. Click on the image to view the map at full size in a new window.

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Project Schedule:

Work began January 13, 2018.  The following deliverables are scheduled:

The anticipated schedule is shown below:


Draft / First


Final / Second

Public Meeting

Baseline Hydrology Report


5/4/2018 6/22/2018



1/14/2019 7 rounds
of comments
5/15/22 Virtual meeting
materials online with
notifications sent
out August 2021

Alternatives Analysis


12/13/2019 1/31/2020 Virtual meeting
materials online with
notifications sent
out August 2021

Concept Design

6/28/22 7/22/22 TBD, estimated
October 2022


Major Issues:

  • Identify the flood hazards within the watershed.

Project Goals:

  • Update flood hazard identification - either adopted locally or by FEMA,

  • Identify how drainage improvements completed since the 1977 Major Drainageway Plan have changed the mapped flood hazard,

  • Determine if the existing infrastructure has capacity for the 100-year event and what, if any, habitable structures would be impacted,

  • Program capital improvements to reduce flood hazards - detention and conveyance,

  • Identify water quality improvement opportunities, and

  • Identify channel stabilization opportunities.

Project Approach:

  • Evaluate flood history in the watershed

  • Define design hydrology

  • Define current flood hazards, including mapping the 0.01% chance (100-year) floodplain and floodway

  • Identify flow capacity limitations

  • Define the waterway deficiencies

  • Complete an alternatives analysis of potential improvements

  • Identify water quality opportunities

  • Integrate useable open space, trails, landscape improvements, natural areas, and water quality into stormwater management

  • Estimate the cost of infrastructure needs

  • Include public input regarding capital improvements in the watershed

  • Develop a Concept Plan for the Selected Plan improvements

Key Previous Studies:

  • Flood Hazard Area Delineation: Goldsmith Gulch and Tributaries, Gingery Associates, Inc., June 1976.

  • Goldsmith Gulch Major Drainageway Planning, Gingery Associates, Inc., November 1977.

  • Hydrology Study for the Goldsmith Gulch Drainage Basin, October 5th, 1989.

  • Evaluation of Debris and Flood Control on Goldsmith Gulch, I-225 to Iliff Avenue, December 2004.

  • Flood Hazard Area Delineation: Upper Goldsmith Gulch, Moser & Associates, April 2005.

  • Upper Goldsmith Gulch: Outfall Systems Planning Conceptual Design Report, Moser & Associates, November 2005.

  • Upper Goldsmith Gulch: Condition Assessment, 2007.

  • City and County of Denver Storm Drainage Master Plan, adopted September 22, 2014.