Third Creek
Major Drainageway Plan and Flood Hazard Area Delineation

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Project Summary:

Third Creek basin drains an area of approximately 32.6 square miles, but only 16.3 square miles are being studied by this plan, with the remainder being actively studied by DIA. The floodplain to be studied downstream of DIA is 10.3 miles in length. The floodplain will also be studied in Aurora upstream of DIA. The Third Creek watershed is only sparsely developed at this time, but future development will increase discharge hydrology without careful design of regional detention facilities. Since the watershed is undeveloped, past flooding has not caused major damage. According to David Mallory, UDFCD, this study is expected to provide the basis for agreements of controlled hydrology at jurisdictional boundaries.

Major changes are anticipated in this waterway with development from Airport City and Aerotropolis. In addition, major future developments include Reunion (entitled 15,316 dwelling units, with only 1,529 permitted as of 2013), Buckley Crossing (992 dwelling units), and Buffalo Run.

There are few problems on the Third Creek drainageway today due to limited runoff, although channel degradation is anticipated with increased runoff from future development, resulting in higher peak flows, longer duration of flow and greater volume of runoff. Today, Third Creek has singificantly undeveloped irrigated and non-irrigated cropland with wide grassy swales. Irrigation ditches have historically intercepted much of the Third Creek runoff. The goal of this study is to preserve, to the extent possible, the natural drainageway and floodplain. This plan will also help define a new outfall connection to the South Platte River.

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