Matrix Design Group has worked with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) to prepare Facility Master Plans at 18 military installations across the United States. 

The AAFES Facility Master Plans developed by Matrix provide a comprehensive look at current AAFES facilities, customer needs, and facility and personnel changes planned at each installation.  The purpose of these plans is to provide a summary of the current characteristics of AAFES assets on the installations and develop concise future Master Plans that support the long-term needs of AAFES and the long-range plans of the bases. 

Each of the AAFES Master Plans develop by Matrix involved several phases including:

  • Extensive data collection
  • Personal interviews with AAFES and installation personnel
  • Comprehensive photographic documentation
  • Short- and long-range facilities planning

During the data collection phase, the following broad categories of data were gathered:

  • Facility condition and function, providing a thorough assessment of each AAFES facility
  • Installation planning, documenting critical future plans for installation assets and operational characteristics
  • Assessment of local and regional competition

The data analyses involved considerations for each installation’s and facility’s diverse constraints to development, including topography, infrastructure, existing facilities, environmental conditions, and adjacent land uses. From the installation and facility analysis, Matrix developed master planning solutions that explored the potential for renovating, expanding, replacing, or adding AAFES facilities to address identified issues and needs.

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