Matrix Design Group is providing transportation project management and design services for the $28 Million Austin Bluffs Parkway Corridor.  The corridor program consists of widening three four lane segments to complete a six lane arterial condition along the Parkway.  The project will also incorporate bicycle lane, pedestrian access, signalization, utility and stormwater improvements into the overall corridor consistent with the “Complete Street” objectives set forth by the City.  

Colorado Springs Utilities (Springs Utilities) has existing water facilities within the existing corridor.  These existing facilities will be impacted by the roadway improvements designed for the project.  The existing 24-inch and 16-inch diameter waterlines were the main supply lines for the Northfield pressure zone.  Matrix worked closely with Springs Utilities to design the relocations of these waterlines.  Ultimately, the two existing waterlines were combined into one new 24-inch Ductile Iron waterline.  Matrix completed the design and prepared construction documents for the new 24-inch diameter waterline.  A big component of the design was the coordination of the construction phasing.  The existing 24-inch and 16-inch waterlines are so critical, that they must remain in service year-round.  There is a small window between February and March where the existing waterlines can be taken out of service.  The construction phasing had to be designed so that the new 24-inch waterline is installed and disinfected while keeping the existing lines in service.  The new waterline can only be activated between February and March.  Construction of the Austin Bluffs Parkway Corridor improvements is anticipated to begin in the summer 2013.