Locally known as Brunswick Naval Air Station (BNAS), this 3,300-acre military enclave—located within the jurisdictional limits of the town of Brunswick, Maine—was identified for closure as part of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Act.  BNAS was the last active-duty U.S. Department of Defense airfield in the northeast.

Matrix led a group of local and national economists, engineers, architects, and planners through an 18-month process that included an analysis of the site’s infrastructure, buildings, facilities, and environmental aspects along with a significant public engagement program.  That program, designed by the Brunswick Local Redevelopment Authority’s (BLRA) planning staff, was based on a series of interactive public workshops with the general community and on-base military and civilian employees. 

Hands-on visioning charettes were held to gain insight into the public’s future vision of the property and to determine a range of acceptable land use types for redevelopment of the base.  The results of these well-attended public sessions, along with the findings of the inventory and analysis of existing base conditions, became the basis for the formulation of conceptual plan alternatives and ultimately the preferred base reuse plan. 

Services included: