Matrix Design Group, Inc. was selected to perform complete infrastructure design for the Bull Canal Irrigation Ditch, located in Weld County..  Cast-in-place concrete box culverts were designed to carry the seasonal irrigation water around the retail site to the north and the South Fork Preble Creek through the site to the east.  

The inlet to the Bull Canal box culvert included a hinged trash rack with an overflow weir to prevent debris from entering the box and excessive flow loss.  This structure also improved water quality before it entered the 3,100 foot long box culvert.  This culvert connected to an existing box culvert crossing Interstate 25.

The South Fork of Preble Creek was channeled into a new box culvert over 4,500 feet long, increasing in size from 12’x10’ to 16’x10’.  A portion of the box culvert crosses under SH 7, which is the main access for local communities to nearby Interstate 25 and E470.  This section of the culvert was built with pre-cast concrete sections in an over-night operation to mitigate the effects of a lengthy road closure or lane reduction during phased construction.  The storm runoff from the future retail center improvements are also carried in the box culvert to a new open channel and green way.  The box culvert and other storm pipes serving the retail center outfall into the channel through forebay structures which reduce water velocity and silts before the water enters the channel.