Military areas and residential/business communities, which historically have been isolated from one another, are now in closer proximity than ever before as a result of rapid population growth and the expansion of urban boundaries. Land use conflicts resulting from these demographical shifts can negatively impact economic development, community safety, and the sustainment of military activity and readiness.

To address the issue of encroachment, Matrix Design Group worked with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) and local, state, and federal stakeholders to develop the California Advisory Handbook for Community and Military Compatibility Planning.

The purposes of the handbook are:

1. To provide guidance to cities, counties, property owners, developers, and the military to facilitate collaboration

2. To provide a menu of tools and strategies to help maintain compatibility between community land uses and military activities 

The handbook presents planning tools and best practices and processes allowing for local planners, builders, and the military to share information and communicate in a timely and proactive manner enabling all parties to make fully informed land use decisions.