Matrix offers a full range of environmental services related to the investigation, remediation, and redevelopment of properties contaminated with munitions and explosives of concern (MEC). We orchestrated the U.S. Army’s first early transfer of an MEC-contaminated BRAC property and are managing the Army’s largest privatized MEC cleanup, which consists of 4,200 acres of contaminated range and training areas at the former Fort McClellan U.S. Army post, Alabama.

We provide innovative risk reduction-based task management to our clients by:

  • Subdividing projects into risk-limited quantifiable milestones
  • Providing contractors with accurate data on which to base their remediation estimates
  • Competing contract work units

These techniques enable Matrix to minimize uncertainties commonly associated with MEC remediation. By providing our clients with accurate scheduling and cost estimates, we are able to reduce and oftentimes eliminate cost overruns by incentivizing our contractors to maintain schedules.

MEC Services:

  • Strategic consulting for MEC-contaminated property
  • Cost estimating for investigation and remediation
  • Site assessments, remedial investigations
  • Cleanup program and operations management
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control support for investigation and remediation
  • MEC remediation
  • Audits and surveillances
  • Document and work plan preparation
  • Selection and derivation of Data Quality Objectives
  • Assessing and selecting geophysical instruments, mapping, and targeting
  • Monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of MEC investigations and cleanups
  • MEC escort and unexploded ordnance (UXO) avoidance services
  • MEC construction support for developers
  • Emergency Response
  • Community relations support and safety training
  • Munitions identi­fication
  • Demolition of live or suspect unexploded ordnance and explosives
  • Ordnance demilitarization and disposal support
  • Assisting regulatory agencies with oversight and development of standards

Representative Projects:

  • Fort McClellan MEC Remediation
  • Kansas Army Ammunition Plant Loadline Decontamination
  • Active Range Clearance: Emerald Warrior 10
  • Malta Test Station MEC Remediation
  • Iron Mountain Road Addition MEC Remediation