Matrix offers its clients a comprehensive suite of technically advanced quantitative analysis services for all investigation and remediation of contaminated site projects.

Groundwater Modeling

At Matrix, we offer groundwater modeling services ranging from simple two-dimensional analytical flow models to complex geospatial models, which allow for the evaluation and visualization of chemical contaminants in geologic units in three-dimensions. The combination of best-in-class modeling technologies and the decision-making acumen of our team is a proven formula for the reduction of remediation costs in these types of complex projects.

Risk Assessment

Matrix provides its clients with integrated risk assessment services that deliver practical solutions while fostering the protection of human health and the environment. As strong proponents for human health and ecological risk assessment, Matrix utilizes a tiered risk assessment approach designed to meet the specific needs of each unique site or problem. We have found that this approach, which is formulated on limiting environmental work to specific risk-driven issues, provides the most effective and efficient means for proper risk assessment.

Data Validation

Because important decisions involving significant expense and liability are based on onsite data collection, the quality and reliability of the analytical results are directly attributable to the cost-efficiency and successful completion of the project. Matrix’s highly qualified personnel are experts in the most current analytical methods, guidelines, and protocols, including independent third-party data validation and evaluation of a wide range of compounds and matrices. 

Quantitative Analysis Services:

  • Three-dimensional modeling using EarthVision to evaluate complex geologic and hydro-geologic problems and contaminant fate and transport
  • Validation of laboratory analytical data
  • Quality Assurance Project plans and Quality Control Sample reports
  • Data Quality Summary reports
  • Data Usability Summary reports
  • Sampling and Analysis plans and other quality-related documents
  • Database management.
  • Human Health Risk Assessment and streamlined Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Statistical evaluations for analytical data using ProUCL and StatGraphics
  • Laboratory audits to ensure laboratory compliance with client-specific requirements