Throughout human history, our planet’s picturesque coastlines, riverbanks, and lakefronts have given rise to many of our most celebrated and renowned cities and resort communities. Historically, these highly sought-after areas of unmatched beauty have served as key sources of commerce and community-building.

Today, many of America’s historic waterfront sites are being rediscovered as both important links to our nation’s rich history and canvases for the creation of new and exciting urban waterfront development and revitalization projects. With a focus on maintaining a site’s historical significance, Matrix Design Group has unparalleled expertise in leading economically viable waterfront design projects that embody beauty and functionality for future generations to enjoy.


  • Project Initiation & Organization
  • Community Involvement
  • Project Area Feasibility Analysis
  • Waterfront Programming
  • Floodplain Analysis
  • Civil Engineering
  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Urban Design & Landscape Architecture
  • Waterfront Planning & Design Guidelines
  • Construction Documentation

Representative Projects:

  • Bear Creek Riverfront & Downtown Master Plan
  • Boulder Reservoir
  • Estes Park Downtown Riverfront
  • Fort Walton Beach Landing
  • Cherry Creek Entertainment District Master Plan
  • Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo
  • Holiday Park Resort on the Oka River
  • Lake Minnequa Regional Plan
  • Little Dry Creek Master Plan
  • Little Sugar Creek Master Plan
  • Maryland Creek Ranch Master Plan
  • Pueblo Natural Resources & Environmental Master Plan
  • Settlers Creek at Keystone Resort
  • Sioux Falls Riverfront Master Plan
  • Smoky Hill River Master Plan