The Reuse Plan for the Clarinda Mental Health Institute (MHI) is the culmination of an assessment of existing facility conditions, local community factors, economic conditions and market factors to create a viable reuse strategy that re-establishes the MHI facility as an economic generator for the City of Clarinda and the region.  The Reuse Plan proposed a solution of viable uses that support job creation and revenue for the city and reflects local community needs to be intended to improve the overall quality of life. The plan also takes into account the needs of the existing tenants and proposes alternatives that best serve the City and its population.

Following a thorough facility analysis, the reuse plan presented several alternatives based on the size and condition of the facilities. These included a dedicated social services center, which took advantage of existing infrastructure already present at the site. Matrix conducted cost analysis for the renovation of the site and adjacent parcels

The facility use plan introduced Professional Service Offices to the facility and identified areas of selective demolition, which would divide the facility into five standalone building footprints to create a greater sense of independence for each tenant and eliminate the cost of heating and maintenance of excess square footage which could be vacant for an indeterminate period of time. Since the existing tenants are functionally unrelated, severing the connection between their spaces would not have a detrimental impact on their operations.

Services Provided

  • Public & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Facility Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Economic Assessment