Matrix is completing a comprehensive assessment of the City’s stormwater management policies and practices and revising appropriate documents to provide an integrated, “watershed-wise” approach that is technically sound, cost effective and practical to implement.

The project advances watershed stewardship and economic viability through the implementation of stormwater planning and design that incorporates forward-thinking, yet proven methods to enhance stream corridors and promote them as amenities that provide improved flood protection and water quality, create aesthetic and habitat significance, and offer recreational opportunities to augment the City’s quality of life and economic vitality.

As part of the overall project the Matrix team produced a process flow diagram for completing the project, a comprehensive plan for community participation, and evaluation of stormwater management practices including rainfall characteristics, peak runoff rates, runoff volume, modeling methods, design criteria, floodplain protection, and water quality. The evaluations consider current and emerging practices in Colorado and the U.S. such as Low Impact Development and Better Site Design.

Matrix is also providing cost modeling services to establish financial consequences of implementing proposed changes. Deliverables also include comprehensive stormwater criteria manuals and presentation of new standards for developers, planners and engineering professionals responsible for implementing the criteria.