Matrix Design Group provided program management and construction management services to the City of Aurora for the planning, design, and construction of Fitzsimons (Sand Creek) Parkway from Peoria Street to Colfax Avenue. The project is designed to improve and provide access to former Fitzsimons Army Base and Hospital—which is now home to a world-class academic and health center including state-of-the-art healthcare facilities—via a two-mile-long, four-lane arterial. Matrix’s comprehensive construction management services for the City of Aurora served as an integral component of the project’s success.

The Fitzsimons Parkway project comprised the integration of three distinct design and construction projects: (1.) construction of two miles of four-lane arterial roadway in order to relieve traffic congestion, (2.) utility infrastructure improvements to accommodate significant amounts of new development at Fitzsimons, and (3.) remediation of three historical military landfills that were never properly closed. The City of Aurora’s decision to integrate these projects resulted in significant cost and time savings.  

As Program Manager, Matrix provided detailed cost modeling and budget forecasting support; critical path and program scheduling; planning and design direction; and stakeholder/public involvement coordination. Matrix also handled the coordination of traffic planning and forecasting traffic counts; coordination of the selection of an A/E consultant; and design oversight for both the roadway and landfill remediation designs.

Matrix’s environmental staff played a major role in implementing the project, including the development of landfill feasibility studies for review and approval by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Matrix also conducted an initial site assessment, which included a historical investigation into the Fitzsimons landfills, and proposed alternatives for remedial action for the proper cleanup and disposal of potentially hazardous materials. The project at Fitzsimons includes the ongoing remediation of three military landfills that together comprise the largest landfill remediation effort in the state of Colorado.

The City of Aurora selected Matrix to provide full construction management services to the project including the integration of all functions under Matrix’s construction manager. This highly visible and multiple award winning project is a hallmark for the city and involves funding from  Federal EDA grants, U.S. Army allocations, and local city budgets. All aspects of construction management, including administration, inspection, materials testing, and assurance of conformance, were handled by Matrix.