Fort W. H. Harrison, located just west of Helena, MT, provides important maneuver areas, training facilities, small arms firing ranges, and helicopter training for the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines.  The associated Limestone Hills Training Area, located approximately 41 miles southeast of Ft. Harrison, facilitates the firing of tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, mortars, artillery, machine guns, aerial gunnery, small arms, explosive detonations, and small unit tactical operations.  

With input from community stakeholders and military representatives, Matrix prepared the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) to address compatibility concerns such as noise, helicopter overflight, future development potential; mineral rights and mining claims on public lands; safety, and communication between the military and local communities.  Matrix developed a set of maps and strategies to assist the surrounding communities and the military in working together on current and future compatibility issues.

Services included:

  • Compatibility Planning / JLUS
  • Public Engagement & Facilitation
  • GIS