Arizona APA 2015 Best General Plan for Populations of 49,000 or Less

The City of Globe is a historic mining community with a population of approximately 7,500 people. Partnering with Gammage and Burnham, Matrix staff completed the General Plan update and facilitated collaboration between the City, residents, business owners, land owners, school officials and other agencies. Ideas were translated into a set of goals, policies and actions focusing on strengthening Globe’s identity and establishing realistic and measurable ways for the City to grow as a healthy and sustainable community. 

In lieu of conventional land use mapping approaches, both Scenario Planning and Character Area Planning were employed to develop a General Plan that embodied the overall community vision. Scenario Planning was used with Community Viz software to develop alternative growth scenarios that could be tested based on criteria resulting in achievable, measurable goals, objectives and policies that would result in targeted and desired growth. Character Area Planning was used to identify and interpret defining characteristics of neighborhoods and/or land areas to protect, enhance and facilitate positive change. This innovative approach provided the following benefits:

  • Enabled the community to identify and value it’s natural, built and social environments thereby more effectively managing change;
  • Safeguarded the natural and historic environment which contributes to each area’s sense of place;
  • Identified and enhanced the quality places that are important to the community;
  • Provided a more flexible and business friendly approach by allowing design and context to guide compatibility.