Graham’s career spans 26 years with expertise in watershed planning, hydrology and hydraulics, stormwater management, geomorphology, river and channel design, water quality, and water/wastewater treatment. He has completed numerous comprehensive watershed master planning efforts addressing complex, interdisciplinary issues to provide integrated solutions from asset condition/resource assessment and stakeholder engagement to project planning and design and actionable capital improvement programming. He has led projects to develop stormwater infrastructure master plans, river corridor restoration plans, watershed management plans, post-wildfire flood and debris studies, stormwater criteria/policy, and programmatic strategic plans with a focus on multi-objective, stakeholder-driven solutions that enhance conservation and facilitate capital improvements for built infrastructure and restoration of natural systems.

Graham has provided consulting engineering services to municipalities and utilities, military installations, watershed districts, and estuary programs and he is the officer-in-charge for several on-call engineering services contracts. He has designed projects for stormwater systems, river restoration, finished water tanks, and water/wastewater treatment plants, among others.