Matrix sponsored a volunteer project for the Antonio M. Palomo Guam Museum & Educational Facility on behalf of the Matrix Global Fellowship Program, an outreach initiative allowing Matrix employees an opportunity to lend their expertise to humanitarian, governmental, and community-supporting organizations around the world. Matrix assisted the Guam Museum with their phased landscaping plan to replace non-indigenous plants with flora native to the island. This project, coordinated through the Department of Agriculture, is being implemented as part of the museum’s overall focus to lead the community in education of environmental causes and the importance of retaining indigenous species.

Matrix provided services including research, planning, and design to incorporate vegetation native to Guam within the facility’s property. The museum’s landscaping and environmental initiatives will further support its mission of public leadership and preservation of the island’s culture, uniqueness, and history. Matrix is pleased to be a part of this cornerstone institution and its contribution to the community of Hagåtña.