Matrix has developed a toolkit for Iowa communities that have vacant or underutilized large-scale buildings or facilities that will assist in creating a redevelopment or reuse plan for those properties. The Community Toolkit for Facility Reuse was used by the Iowa cities of Toledo, Clarinda and Mt. Pleasant, each of which experienced the closure of a state facility within their community. Matrix worked with the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the communities to develop a reuse / redevelopment strategy that evaluated each facility, the regional marketplace, and local economic conditions. The Toolkit includes guidance on what to consider when evaluating the physical condition of a facility; specific approaches to evaluating market potential; how to incorporate environmental considerations in reuse planning; steps to creating a successful public participation process; how to identify industries or sectors that the community may have a competitive advantage for recruiting; marketing approaches for vacant or underutilized facilities; and identifying potential sources of funding to support redevelopment.

Services Include:

  • Redevelopment Planning
  • Public Engagement & Facilitation