Joshua is the first Director of Ecological Services for Matrix and brings more than 18 years of experience to the Matrix family of services. Joshua specializes in wildland and urban restoration, with particular emphasis on developing resilient and sustainable plant communities within urban systems. His extensive ecological experience includes project management on complex, multi-year permitting and redevelopment projects, park and open space design and master planning, innovative stormwater management strategies, urban stream restoration, rare or endangered species surveys, mitigation assessment and planning, evaluation of disturbed riparian and upland systems, plant community design, and wetland delineations and permitting. His ability to work across disciplines has resulted in multiple award winning projects from park multi-use stormwater facilities at La Lomita Park to stream restoration at Sanderson Gulch to infrastructure design at Globeville Landing Park.

As more and more people move to urban centers, more pressure is applied to the ecosystems we depend on as a society. Joshua’s practice is built on the philosophy of creating higher functioning, lower maintenance systems for all to enjoy while providing opportunities for responsible development. This philosophy has been successfully applied across public and private sector projects on landscapes less than an acre to hundreds of acres. Joshua helps add the ecological layer to projects ranging from housing developments, park design, green infrastructure, transportation, and more resulting in protection and restoration or enhancement of natural systems.