The Kansas Army Ammunition Plant (KSAAP) is a Department of Army Material Development and Readiness Command (DARCOM) installation located in Labette County, Kansas. The Army used the plant for the loading, assembling, and packing of munitions items for the Department of Defense. Under the 2005 BRAC, KSAAP was closed and operations were redistributed to McAlester, Iowa, and Crane Army Ammunition Plants.

The redevelopment of military installations such as the KSAAP presents unique opportunities and challenges relative to infrastructure construction and funding. Successful conversion requires that the value of infrastructure assets are optimized by strategic investments rooted in life-cycle engineering methods that stretch the use of existing facilities, while at the same time, rebuilding infrastructure in a just-in-time manner that minimizes working capital requirements while preserving economic development flexibility.

Matrix was contracted to provide program management services for a $53M redevelopment project for the plant. As part of the redevelopment, Matrix provided master planning, which included environmental oversight, infrastructure design; and zoning, utilities, and parks/open space planning. Matrix was also responsible for developing and supporting an overall business plan and implementation strategy for the redevelopment of the KSAAP. Additionally, Matrix developed an infrastructure cost model, operations and maintenance model, and phasing plan.

The Matrix team provided site utility assessment and disposition reports, including an existing water and sewer utilities analysis; a water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution analysis, a waste water feasibility study, and a master drainage plan. The scope of work also included an evaluation of existing telecommunications and electrical systems, capacity/system upgrade considerations, and the evaluation of the existing substation.

Concurrently, Matrix’s roadway engineers conducted a transportation feasibility study that included an existing roadway, railway, bridge, and small structure inventory analysis.