Matrix was awarded the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant base realignment project.  As part of the approach to this project, Matrix evaluated the condition of existing infrastructure, including potable water distribution systems, potable water storage tanks, potable water treatment, sanitary sewer collection systems, sanitary sewer lift stations, septic systems, sanitary sewer treatment, and industrial treatment facilities. Matrix personnel spent two weeks in the field visiting individual infrastructure components, evaluating their existing condition, and preparing an existing condition assessment for each component. After establishing the condition of the existing infrastructure, Matrix evaluated the build out requirements for water and wastewater systems and prepared an infrastructure master plan.

The master plan includes results of the hydraulic model and sanitary sewer capacity model which provide demand requirements, water rights analysis, storage requirements, distribution line sizing, water treatment requirements, sanitary sewer demands, collection system line sizing, lift station requirements, force main sizing, wastewater treatment requirements, and industrial wastewater treatment requirements.

The subsequent phases of the project for Matrix included phasing infrastructure improvements, preparing permitting requirements, and completing a capital improvement plan. Phasing the infrastructure improvements presented many challenges as some of the existing infrastructure was nearing its design life. Matrix determined how long and to what capacity the existing infrastructure could remain in service before requiring upgrades, expansion, and/or replacement. The phasing of infrastructure improvements was included as part of the overall capital improvement plan. 

Services included:

  • Infrastructure Assessment and Master Planning
  • Stormwater Management
  • Water Rights Analysis
  • Potable Water Infrastructure Design
  • Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure Design
  • Hydrologic Modeling and Analysis
  • Cost Estimating
  • Permitting