Lake County is an area rich in natural beauty and resources. Centered on the largest freshwater lake in California (Clear Lake), the County has long been a mecca for residents and visitors alike. Clear Lake itself provides a wide range of water sports, fishing, and scenic beauty. The County also contains rich agricultural valleys, vast natural areas inside the Mendocino National Forest, extensive geothermal resources, excellent air quality and climate, and a range of housing opportunities.

The Lake County General Plan was developed to address the unique planning needs of the County, including integration of existing and proposed community plans, utilization and protection of the County’s natural resources, economic development, agricultural resources development, and providing for a range of housing opportunities. The County’s General Plan also needed to be coordinated with federal land managers and the six Native American tribes in the County.

Public participation in Lake County included workshops with the Citizens Advisory Committee and public workshops held in locations throughout the County. Opportunities for public review and input into the development of the General Plan occurred at each step in the process. This ensured that the public was informed, understood the development of the plan, and assisted the County in reaching the future envisioned during the process.

To ensure broad public participation, information on the General Plan was made available through a project web site, updates to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, media releases, and newsletters.

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