Lake Minnequa serves as a regional stormwater detention and water quality facility providing more than 65 acres of enhanced wildlife habitat and over 75 acres of active recreation uses. Approximately 85% of the original lake property is designated as conservation open space with proposed habitat enhancements to lake edge and bottom, wetlands, and other wildlife areas. A two-mile looped trail system serves passive use areas as well as proposed athletic fields, a recreation center, and other active recreation facilities. 

Working closely with the Department of Planning and Community Development and the Pueblo Stormwater Utility Enterprise, Design Studios West (DSW)—a Matrix company—was responsible for compiling existing site inventory information, development of master plan alternatives, and refinement of the final master plan.  
DSW also served as prime consultant for phase one construction documents, which included roadway, parking, pedestrian trails and walks, landscape and revegetation, stormwater and water quality, grading and drainage, basketball courts, and site furnishings improvements. Phase two construction of athletic fields was also recently completed.

Services provided: