The 2012 Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) produced by Matrix for the City of Great Falls, Cascade County, and Malmstrom AFB addressed potential compatibility issues associated with the base.  While Malmstrom AFB itself covers 3,716 acres of land, its mission operations cover over 24,000 acres of land.  This area is primarily utilized for missile complex functions. 

Matrix collaborated with Cascade County again to implement JLUS recommendations in order to better identify land compatibility surrounding Malmstrom AFB.  Matrix provided Red/Yellow/Green mapping based on a “Stoplight Strategy.”  Areas designated as green (“go”) are areas where the Air Force has no concerns with potential impacts of new development due to frequency, vertical obstructions, or manmade structures.  Yellow (“caution”) denotes areas the Air Force with potential mission conflicts, depending on the specifics of the proposed development.  Red (“stop”) are areas where the Air Force indicates a high potential for conflicts with its mission, depending on the specifics of the development project.  Through stakeholder discussions, analysis of Air Force missions, and the relationship of the lands to the potential for mission impacts, red/yellow/green mapping was developed to show areas of varying levels of potential concern.  The second phase of this project was to update Cascade County’s Growth Policy Plan to incorporate the red/yellow/green mapping and conditions into the policy document.

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