Michigan’s defense industry and military installations contribute over $12 billion annually to the state’s economy. Matrix is providing professional services to assist the state of Michigan, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and the Michigan Defense Center with an effort to protect the current military missions in the state and grow the missions where opportunities exist. We are working with numerous stakeholders in Michigan (to include military installations, state government, regional organizations, academia, industry, local communities, etc.) to protect and sustain installations, encourage defense related economic development, and create conditions for military related growth. In 2015 Matrix developed a strategic plan for Michigan based upon an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for their military installations and communities.  The plan included 17 specific, actionable recommendations for the state to pursue.  Since that time, Matrix has been assisting with executing the recommendations and providing strategic and economic analysis when requested.  Matrix is also leading the effort to develop a 2019 strategic plan for Michigan’s Defense and Homeland Security Economy.