The Mount Pleasant Mental Health Institute (MHI), located in Henry County, IA served the community from 1861 to 2016 and was the oldest mental health institution in the State.  The facility was an inpatient treatment center that provided adult psychiatric care and treatment for substance abuse serving a fifteen county area.  The closing of the Mount Pleasant MHI in 2016 has left the State of Iowa with several existing facilities suitable for reuse. In 2016, the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) sought to assist the local community with developing a Reuse Plan for the MHI facilities as a result of the MHI closure and the impact on the community. 

The purpose of the Mount Pleasant, Iowa Mental Health Institute Reuse Plan is to provide a framework and plan forward to facilitate the efficient redevelopment of the MHI facilities.  Successful redevelopment depends on several factors, including:

  • Analysis of existing conditions and environmental factors
  • Market capacity to support job and revenue generating uses
  • Infrastructure supply and demand
  • Deliberate and inclusive community input from the public and city leaders

Following a thorough facility analysis, the reuse plan presented several alternatives based on the size and condition of the facilities. These included a dedicated social services center, which took advantage of existing infrastructure already present at the site. Matrix conducted cost analysis for the renovation of the site and adjacent parcels

Services Provided

  • Public & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Facility Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Economic Assessment