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Built Infrastructure

Delivering sustainable infrastructure that supports the community’s built environment.

Infrastructure systems provide the basic physical structures needed for society to operate and facilitate access to goods and services. Meeting the needs of current users without compromising those of future generations when designing community infrastructure is critical. We approach infrastructure problem-solving with a holistic perspective, recognizing that human and ecological systems are complex, multiscale, dynamic — and interrelated. Functional and sustainable infrastructure and the community vitality it supports require protection of the natural environment as a shared ecosystem.

Our team offers site development, utilities, infrastructure, and all other services needed to develop every aspect of environmentally friendly, functional, and aesthetically pleasing infrastructure and facilities that enhance communities and quality of life well into the future. We have LEED certified professionals and know how to keep up with regulatory compliance, meet strategic development goals, and complete projects on time and within budget. Whether a commercial, residential, or mixed-use development, Matrix is proactive, responsive, and stays with you from start to finish. We build today’s world for a better tomorrow.

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