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Natural Infrastructure

Delivering solutions that protect the environment around us and promote human health and long-term sustainability.

We merge our knowledge with cutting-edge technology to create sustainable projects for municipalities and utilities nationwide. With a long-established track record of responsiveness and problem-solving, we can partner with you to develop a cost-effective solution that will meet your community's long-term needs. We take an integrated approach to creating sustainable solutions for each project’s unique issues, providing the investigations, recommendation, and remediation needed to achieve development requirements.

We are experts at integrating environmental resources and stewardship into developments patterns. Whether focused on general land use, design, or economic growth, our teams deliver urban solutions that utilize and preserve the integrity of natural infrastructure and ecosystems to support community growth, sustainability, and quality of life. By developing plans that capitalize on and enhance open spaces and natural features, restabilize watersheds, mitigate fire and flood damage and risk, and that support indigenous plant communities, our professional planners, engineers, and landscape artists work with clients to protect what makes their communities vibrant and unique.