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USAFA Visitor Center

The United States Air Force Academy is one of the top tourist attractions for the City of Colorado Springs and proud gateway for the one million Academy visitors each year.  However, the current location of the Barry Goldwater Visitor Center being within the Academy’s security gates can be limited or closed off in times of heightened security.  As a results thousands of guests miss out on the Visitor Center experience. 

To help alleviate limited access and security concerns, the TrueNorth Commons is a 58-acre mixed-use development designed to create a synergy between the new Air Force Academy Visitor Center and Air Force Academy related businesses, guests and visitors. The development is composed of a 4-star hotel and conference facilities, commercial office space, and a variety of in-line retail, TrueNorth Commons will meet the needs of Academy visitors, Cadet family members, business travelers, and regional commuters. The TrueNorth Commons project was one of five distinct and extraordinary projects to be selected as part of the City for Champions venues designed to attract visitors from across the country to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The City for Champions projects will bring energy and economic vitality to the Colorado Springs region.

The creation, design, and implementation of the USAFA Visitor Center will provide a year-round destination point for the United States Air Force Academy and the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This new state of the art visitor center and museum will be located outside the security gates of the Academy which in times of heightened security measures closes the campus to visitors for weeks at a time.  By moving these facilities off campus, visitors can be assured the USAFA Visitor Center experience.  


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“This has been an incredibly collaborative effort and we could not be more pleased that the Visitor Center and TrueNorth Commons will become a reality, marking the successful completion of the entire City for Champions vision. The Air Force Academy has long been a celebrated part of our city’s identity, and the Visitor Center will provide a fantastic opportunity to share it with residents and visitors alike.”
John Suthers, Mayor, City of Colorado Springs