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Globe 2035 General Plan Update

2015 Best General Plan for Populations of 49,000 or Less

American Planning Association, Arizona Chapter

For this project, our team partnered with Gammage and Burnham to update the City of Globe’s general plan and establish practical, efficient, and measurable ways for the City to realize its vision for the future. Matrix staff collaborated with City leaders, residents, business owners, landowners, school officials, and other stakeholders to identify and translate shared ideas into goals, policies, and actions that will preserve Globe’s identity as a community-oriented, historic mining town while fostering growth and development.

Public engagement efforts included scenario planning, visioning, and character area planning that incorporated innovative technologies such as Community Viz software to develop and test alternative growth scenarios against community development criteria and goals. These efforts were critical in identifying distinctive neighborhood characteristics and potential conservation areas to facilitate positive growth.

Our team’s approach allowed the community to identify valued aspects of its natural, built, and social environments in order to effect desired change while preserving the area’s sense of place; enhancing areas; maximizing development potential; and adopting a flexible, business-friendly approach that defines development compatibility as design- and context-specific. 






"The work that Matrix completed for the City of Globe was innovative, thoughtful, and of high quality. Our innovative approach to General Planning (Character Areas, Scenario Planning) will open minds and broaden perspectives."
Brent Billingsley, City Manager, City of Globe