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AFIMSC AMP Strategic Plans and Investment Strategy

Matrix completed strategic plans for facilities, utilities, and transportation to support the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center’s Asset Management Programs. These completed plans are being used to inform ongoing efforts, ensuring alignment of goals and objectives, consistency of investment strategies and requirement prioritization models, and reinforcement of infrastructure’s critical role in supporting Department of Defense (DoD) and Air Force plans. The plans set the stage for developing a ten-year investment strategy based on real requirements.

Matrix utilized a four-step life cycle cost and value engineering methodology to meet the Air Force’s need for a more strategic, requirements-based approach to long-term investment projections. The project consisted of four phases aligned to portfolio objectives, Air Force, and DoD strategic guidance. First, a detailed portfolio analysis was completed to determine the state of the organizational structure, sustainment management system and data, project scoring and prioritization, funding resources, and investment trends. Our Team then thoroughly reviewed strategic guidance and highlighted connections to each portfolio. These links are key to tying justifications to specific project and program needs. A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis was also facilitated with the Air Force to identify areas where effort should be focused for the highest impact. The opportunities developed in the SWOT analysis were also translated into a strategic action plan with defined goals, clear objectives, and concrete actions that can be assigned and tracked to completion. Finally, a ten-year investment strategy model was developed utilizing SMS data and real property records, combined with probability of failure and a consequence of failure analysis, to model funds distribution based on the criticality of facilities.