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Growing the Military Mission in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Matrix has been the trusted consultant for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Office of Veterans and Defense Affairs since 2014, collaborating with state and military leadership to ensure Virginia can sustain current military missions and capitalize on opportunities for mission growth. Through multiple contracts, we have delivered critical analyses and products ranging from the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) associated with Virginia’s 29 installations and surrounding defense communities to economic impact assessments, strategic plans, and actionable recommendations. The Virginia Military Factbook completed in 2020 draws on our extensive background presenting complex economic data in easy-to-read documents and has fostered greater public understanding of the military’s contributions to Virginia’s economy, the opportunities and benefits of the defense industry’s nearly $60 billion annual impact, and the importance of supporting the defense mission. Our Teams have further leveraged their diverse expertise to develop a GIS platform for identifying changes in veteran demographics to better anticipate and manage gaps in needed services and resources.

Through Matrix’s sustained partnership with the Commonwealth and ongoing consultation and implementation of planning recommendations, Virginia is well-positioned to enhance mission protection and growth through informed, strategic planning and to realize the mutual benefits for local communities and the nation’s defense.






"We have had several contracts with the Matrix over the years and have always found them to be very professional and timely with the delivery of services. They are very easy to work with and go the extra mile for their clients and approach every aspect of the effort with a true partnership mentality.”
Mike Coleman, Former Military Relations Liaison, Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs