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Florida Defense Industry Consulting

Matrix assisted the Florida Enterprise, LLC in its mission to support Florida’s position in research and development related to or arising out of military missions and contracting, and to improve the state’s military-friendly environment for service members, military dependents, military retirees, and businesses that bring military and base-related jobs to the state.

Matrix conducted a comprehensive analysis of Florida’s military installations’ and broader defense industry’s economic and financial impacts throughout the state. Our analysis also included the assessment of retired and veteran military personnel and their economic footprint in Florida relative to transfer payments and other compensation. Matrix’s efforts produced an updated Florida Defense Factbook that gave a complete picture of the state of military economic issues across Florida’s 67 counties and provided a robust economic impact report detailing key points and recommendations for the state’s defense industry. Critically, our team accomplished these tasks in under 6 months, enabling the products to be used in Florida’s next legislative session.