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Florida Military Installation & Resiliency Plan

The Florida Military Installation and Community Resiliency Plan for Enterprise Florida, Inc./Florida Defense Support Task Force (EFI/FDSTF) provides strategies and objectives for the State of Florida and its military installations partners to improve installation and community resiliency. Plan development involved a comprehensive review of all ongoing military installation and community resiliency initiatives across the state. While these efforts often focus on climate change and adaptation, this project adopted a broader approach to mission assurance.  Ultimately, the Plan emphasizes the human and infrastructure capital needed to make stronger military installations and associated defense communities better able to withstand, manage, and recover from disasters and national security events. It provides a consolidated list of viable defense-related resiliency projects that will guide the FDSTF in advocating for resourcing, whether through federal, state, and local grants or other funding opportunities.

The Plan further compiles information from capital improvement plans, emergency operation plans, infrastructure restoration plans, hazard mitigation plans, transportation studies, and joint land use and compatibility studies to build a library of projects for EFI/FDSTF to assist and support gaining access to funding. The plan includes information on DoD policy, guidance, and funding opportunities; state-level guidance recommendations; best practices that can generate additional ideas and projects; and recommendations for prioritizing and funding actions in order to bring projects from concept to reality. Matrix has long been actively engaged with all defense community leaders across Florida; however, to ensure the Plan responded to all perspectives, our team also involved entities that directly affect defense community resiliency, incorporating input from electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, and internet service providers, as well as private developers.