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Crestview Facilities Inventory & Operational Assessment Master Plan

The Matrix Team was selected by the City of Crestview, Florida, to complete a public facilities inventory and conditions assessment of 33 City-owned properties. Ten of these facilities (e.g., City Hall, the Police Department, fire stations, public works) were also subject to location investigations and operational/staffing analyses. The work considered administrative, operational, public service, industrial, support, and multiuse facilities.

The location investigations determined if each facility’s location was appropriate for its intended purpose, met associated functional requirements, and remained consistent with current citywide planning efforts and Crestview’s Comprehensive Plan. Facility locations were also evaluated relative to the City’s land development code and Community Redevelopment Agency Master Plan.

Operational assessments evaluated performance and capacity in areas of critical importance, designated as key performance indicators, that included the following:

  • Life, health & safety
  • Roof Remaining Useful Life (RUL)
  • HVAC performance
  • Facility energy intensity
  • Occupant density
  • Occupant satisfaction
  • Availability of restroom facilities
  • Availability of parking

The staffing analyses compared staffing strength, configuration, and supported amenities against two nearby target cities and 10 additional cities across Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Alabama. Cities were chosen based on similarity with respect to current population, 10- and 20-year projected population, and geographic footprint. The Matrix Team identified short- and mid-term growth demands, position realignments/reclassifications, and facility reorganization opportunities that would significantly improve operability and sustain services well into the future.