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Mountain Home AFB P4 Support

Matrix provided professional consulting services to Mountain Home Air Force Base (AFB), supporting a variety of public-public, public-private (P4) partnership initiatives. As part of this effort, we facilitated a community partnership workshop with representatives from local, county and state government, private industry, and the installation. The workshop resulted in the identification of several follow-on actions, including establishing a partnership charter between various stakeholders with multiple working groups focused on infrastructure, housing, and other areas important to both the installation and the community.

In addition to facilitating the workshop, Matrix also explored three specific partnership opportunities including utility infrastructure replacement, better utilization of underutilized property, and returning railway capabilities to the installation. For each of these initiatives, we facilitated engagements with key stakeholders, researched best practices from other parts of the country, and developed actionable recommendations for stakeholders to pursue in leveraging the newly created community partnership working groups.