ESRI Best Cartographic Design: Map Series or Atlas 2007

Located 35 miles south of Santa Barbara and 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles, the City of Oxnard is situated along a beautiful stretch of the pacific coastline. The largest city within Ventura County, Oxnard is a rich combination of a relaxed seaside destination and a progressive business center. Past growth pressures prompted the city, in conjunction with surrounding communities, to adopt growth limiting legislation and establish buffers to protect vital agricultural land.

Like many Californian cities, Oxnard is expected to experience rapid growth pressures over the next several decades. To plan for this growth, the city retained Matrix to update their existing general plan. This update includes a comprehensive examination of the social, economic, infrastructure, and natural resource issues facing the community. Matrix managed a multidisciplinary consulting team and worked jointly with the public and community leaders to create a vision for the city’s future that balances growth with the community’s desire to protect and conserve its unique natural resources and agrarian roots.  The resulting plan provides guidance for future growth, promotes Oxnard’s unique community identity, and provides a framework for the preservation of the community’s high quality of life.

The documents produced for the project include:

  • A comprehensive Background Report providing a detailed description of the existing conditions within the city and its planning area
  • A Map Atlas providing a highly illustrated, easily understandable version of the Background Report and key issues
  • An Issues and Alternatives Report discussing the major planning issues facing the city and alternative approaches to addressing these issues
  • A Goals and Policies Report providing the policies and implementation actions needed to achieve the city’s vision for the future
  • An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) assessing the potential environmental implications associated with the implementation of the General Plan

A unique feature of the Oxnard General Plan Update is a military compatibility element. Although not required under state legislation, this optional element provides a comprehensive examination of the symbiotic relationship between the Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC–Port Hueneme and NAS Point Mugu) and the City of Oxnard. By demonstrating the city’s commitment to the continued operation of NBVC, this element seeks to:

  • Ensure compatible land use planning through collaborative and cooperative implementation actions
  • Protect the vitality of NBVC to accommodate expansions and/or mission change
  • Ensure the safety of local residents from operational hazards associated with NBVC

Services included: