After successful completion of the Ellsworth Air Force Base Joint Land Use Study, Matrix again had the opportunity to work with Pennington County, SD to update its Comprehensive Plan.  With diverse natural features from the Badlands National Park to the Black Hills National Forest, the County covers a vast 2,782 square miles.  The county seat, Rapid City, has the only airport in the region serving thousands of visitors to Mount Rushmore and the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD.  Increased population and out-of-state influences have changed the expectations of County residents and the Comprehensive Plan needed to be restructured, made more user-friendly, and updated to reflect the growth and vision of the community.  Public engagement was integral to the success of the Plan, and Matrix facilitated public workshops and interviews with community leaders and stakeholders in multiple locations across the County to make sure local concerns were addressed.  Working closely with County staff, Matrix prepared extensive technical studies, visioning, and alternative land use plans.  As part of the process, Matrix recommended updates to the County’s Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, Nuisance Ordinance, and Floodplain Ordinance to help implement the View to 2040 Pennington County Comprehensive Plan

Services Include: