Matrix is an Employee-Owned consulting firm providing innovative leading edge solutions across a broad array of complex disciplines and industries.  Our culture fosters a work environment that reflects the highest degree of ethics and respect in all that we do.  Because we value our clients, employees and their families we follow a set of guiding principles that include the following:

  • Integrity first
  • Encourage intellectual advancement
  • Embrace diversity
  • Create enduring work products
  • Strive for excellence and efficiency
  • Foster a positive work environment
  • Partner with clients
  • Recognize our people are our most treasured assets
  • Promote balance between work and personal life
  • Structure career path development

“Matrix is a client-focused, nationally recognized, entrepreneurial planning, engineering and environmental consulting firm, delivering integrated solutions through creative teamwork!”

Matrix employs a multidisciplinary approach in all of our work—from program management to planning to design. Our firm is founded on the ideas and principles drawn from the best practices in each of our diverse areas of expertise.

From site development projects to complex civil and stormwater systems to joint land use studies, each project may require the involvement of multiple and varied stakeholders.

To be truly successful, these projects must be managed by individuals grounded in multidisciplinary expertise and integrated thought for a clear understanding of these relationships and their hierarchy.