The City of San Luis Obispo is located in the Central Coast region of California and has been ranked as the happiest city in the U.S. by a number of publications.  This ranking is based on the excellent planning that continues to shape the community.  Known for its historic preservation, the city is a bicycle-friendly town and provides opportunities for cultural, business, and recreational use. 

Matrix conducted an update to Land Use and Circulation Elements (LUCE), which are key components of the city’s General Plan (comprehensive plan).  The LUCE update brings the elements up-to-date with current community needs and vision, meets changes to state law, and adds new planning concepts to the General Plan.  New components of the plan include policy on sustainability, healthy communities, neighborhood sustainment and enhancement, and a Complete Streets program.

The LUCE update is supported by a number of technical studies, including a multi-modal transportation analysis, fiscal/financial assessment, greenhouse gas/global warming assessment, noise model, and a comprehensive Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to assess and mitigate potential environmental impacts associated with the LUCE update. 

The planning process included an extensive public participation program with six community workshops, thirty-four citizen task force meetings, a project website (, media outreach, community organization briefings, and an eBlast (e-mail) list of over 1,500 community members. The project also used MindMixer to engage the community in an interactive online town hall where ideas on opportunities, challenges, and alternatives were discussed.

Services included: