Matrix provided infrastructure master planning, water resource planning, and transportation planning services for this 20,000-acre mixed used residential community in New Mexico.  A development of the Verde Realty Group, Santa Teresa is being planned to meet the increasing need for affordable workforce housing along the US/Mexico border.  The project is strategically situated near the existing Santa Teresa border crossing with excellent access from the Pete Domenici International Highway and Interstate 10 (I-10).  Santa Teresa presents significant infrastructure challenges because of the limited capacity of existing facilities, the magnitude of capital investment, and the demand for development within the area. 

At build-out, the Santa Teresa development plan will provide 25,000 dwelling units, 3,789 acres of industrial warehouse and manufacturing enterprises, 793 acres of retail and urban core areas, and 5,044 acres of public open space and schools.  Village One, which is projected to build out in ten years, will provide nearly 4,000 DU’s over 1,000 acres.  Additionally, it will establish 230,000 sq ft of retail/mixed use space, 183 acres of open space and active parklands, and provide for three public schools.  

It is the goal of the infrastructure master plan to provide for the responsible development and use of finite water supplies, provide for sustainable management practices, and encourage water reuse and conservation to the maximum extent practicable.  Additional goals are to build infrastructure that provides the framework for long-term growth within the border area; improve public safety, health, and welfare; and provide a competitive advantage to attract businesses to southern New Mexico.

Services included:

  • Program Management
  • Infrastructure Master Planning and Design
  • Site Planning and Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Cost Modeling and Value Engineering
  • Roadway and Utility System Design
  • Entitlement Coordination
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Land Surveying
  • Construction Management